Thursday, March 26, 2009

BPM OCEB Training - Effective Process Discovery

Technology is indeed the type of thing that needs to be used properly in order for it to be effective. BPM software, coupled with work flow software has revolutionized all levels of business. Being able to visualize business processes and add automation to them has led to further optimization and efficiency.

The need to use BPM software properly requires that your as-is processes are documented properly. Only once this Process Discovery phase has been completed can you design and implement to-be processes that reflect a fully optimized process.

Many people find that using consulting services for small projects is a waste of money. Instead, before implementing BPM projects and mapping your processes, I suggest taking an OCEB (OMG Certificed Expert in BPM) Training course. The courses are relatively cheap, and give you a comprehensive knowledge on how to map your business processes properly so that your company does not spend their money optimizing a bad process.

Once you've done this, I suggest using one of the 100% Free BPMN Modeling programs - a few of them are ad-ons to Microsoft Visio. They allow you to get started with your process mapping right away.

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Sweety_Fatty143 said...

While beneficial to look at the big picture when deciding to put technology to use for managing processes enterprise-wide, it is wise to take a pragmatic approach to rolling out a new BPM system enterprise-wide.

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