Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Adopt Effective GRC Strategies

As a management consultant, every day I walk into businesses seeking effective GRC strategies for their companies. As the article outlines quite well, today formulating a GRC strategy is at hte top of every corporation's laundry list.

In order for a corporation to implement an effective strategy it is necessary to adopt Business Process Management technology. Using BPM software, your company is able to visualize your business processes and ensure that operations are optimized. Beyond that, BPM suites such as Interfacing's Enterprise Process Center specialize in GRC and risk assessment. The program is designed to allow managers to highlight risks within processes, and tie controls to each process as a means to mitigate those very risks. Beyond this, the programs allow you to tie Business Rules and overall strategy to your processes which creates a clearer understanding of your company.

By clearly outlining risks, controls, and rules, employees then use a personalized web-portal homepage and can view everything that pertains to them. Strategies and rules are formalized and accessible at the tip of your fingers, all in an automated, notification based environment.

I suggest downloading the 100% Free BPMN Modeler for Microsoft Visio .

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